Taichi And Kung Fu

Tai chi typically meaning ‘supreme ultimate’ is the internal or in-style of Chinese martial art, Kong Fu. There are two types of martial art in China the in-style and the out-style. Tai chi being the in-style is one of the famous and most practiced forms of Kong Fu in Yangshuo. In-style Kong Fu emphasizes more on the inner peace and strength of the fighter rather than the outer body.

Categorized as slow movement, tai chi is dependent upon the opponent rather than against the opponent. In the out style Kong Fu one will find that destroying the opponent and winning becomes the sole aim of the fighter whereas in the in-style Kong Fu a fighter is taught to follow the lead of the opponent and do the needful by forgetting himself. Tai chi has spread worldwide and can be practiced not only for defense but also to achieve a healthy, peaceful, and calm mind with a balance body.

Tai chi moves are so precise that the fighter must know where to twist the balance of the opponent and throw him out of the game. Flexibility is core component of tai chi and this explicit form of Kong Fu can only be practiced with a free mind and body.

Henry Huang is considered as a prefect and complete tai chi teacher and is highly recommended if one wants to learn or improve upon their tai chi skills. This great scholar opened the very first tai chi school known as Yangshuo Tai chi School. One can visit the school on their trip to Yangshuo and learn more about tai chi and Henry Huamg. Specialty of the Tai chi school in China is that whether one stays and practices for a day or an year the basics and fundamentals are imbibed in oneself so vividly that it stays for life.

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