Rock Climbing

For all the adventure savvy tourist, who are attracted by the karst peak, Yangshuo has a way to satisfy their thirst. Rock climbing is the most adventurous way of closely feeling the beauty of the nature just like hiking. Since one will find many Limestone Mountains one after another circling Yangshuo, it gives the tourist a perfect opportunity to try rock climbing apart from hiking, bicycling, river cruises and bamboo rafting. This beautiful scenery of karst peaks is an inspiration to many poets and artists.

Craze for rock climbing started in 1992, when one man climbed the moon hill peak, the adrenaline started to pump and soon most youngsters was interested in touching the never ending heights. There are around 300 routes that are provided in the tourist guidebook and the level of difficulty differs from one route to another i.e. 5.6 to 5.13.

Most are single-pitch sport routes but the trend is now towards longer multi-pitch routes. Routes usually are about 20 to 25 meters high, but some single pitches reach 40 meters in length. Some of the famous routes are on Moon hill, butterfly spring hill, Middle finger hill, Golden Cat cave, Baimian hill so and so forth.

A tourist will face no difficulty in finding a rock-climbing operator, as there are plenty of guides and adventure activity tourist guides available all throughout Yangshuo. All types of equipment are available with the operators that can be rented on a daily basis. Apart from the equipment, one can learn a lot basic knowledge and skill of rock climbing from them. A beginner need not worry about rock climbing as there are many well trained rock-climbing guides available throughout Yangshuo. A guidebook is also available locally and can be purchased as it depicts all the rock climbing routes in and around Yangshuo.

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