Longji Rice Field

Built by Yuan dynasty in 1271-1368 towards the southeast side of the country, but completed by Qing dynasty, 1644- 1911, this splendid and breath taking rice field are one of the biggest tourist attraction in Lonsheng, China. Locally popular as Dragon’s back or Longji fields these fields provide a scenic view that mesmerizes its viewers to the core.

Zhuang people and Yao people put in their hard work and effort in giving birth to these fields. The layers extends one after another starting from the base of Longji and gives a view of ribbons being tied around the land covering an area of 66 square kilometers, 16308 acres. The fields can be best viewed from the mountaintop, as the flowing structure looks the best from height. Longji fields can be visited all year round. Also it has a unique way of letting the tourist decide when to visit, as it depends upon which seasonal beauty one wants to enjoy.

Best time to visit in spring is May to June, as the water is irrigated into the fields during this season the field gives a view of the mirror. Best time to visit in summer is July to August, after irrigation the paddies have grown up to half a meter, and one can witness the fertile paddy terrace. In order to have a look at all the fall colors, the best time to visit in autumn is September to November. The field gives away the glitter of golden color and takes the breath away. If one has to visit in winters, January to February is best time as after golden one can witness the sliver snow covered ribbons galloping around the mountains , making it a prefect tourist destination.

As the fields are located in Longsheng, a small country on the mountainous regions China, therefore there is no provision of airport and railways. The only way to view this pleasing portrait is in a raw form i.e. by a bus. A tourist can reach Longsheng by bus from Guillin and carry on to the fields on foot or local conveyance.

The place has multiple types of cuisines to offer influenced by the multi-cultured locals. Some of the famous food items one should try there are Miao’s Wild Delicacies, Yao’s Oil Tea, Zhuang’s Water Wine and Dong’s Sour Delicacies. Accommodation is also cheap and convenient as there are multiple hotels, to-lets, and guest houses in Longsheng itself.

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