Learn Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the language spoken in Yangshuo and if a tourist is planning to stay in China for a while or forever learning how to communicate is necessary. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken form of Chinese language. Spread throughout the Southeast Asia, North America and Europe apart from China itself nearly 1/4th population worldwide speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Knowing how to speak Chinese not only will help one easily move around china but will help them even while moving around the world. As we know that the Chinese population is growing, China is considered to be a market that the multi national intends to tap more in 21st century making the scarce mandarin Chinese speakers in demand in all fields. Apart from this, the Chinese culture has a rich history and it fascinates people around the globe. An urge has been noticed amongst the people of other continents to explore the rich heritage of China like feng shui, music, or cuisine.

Yangshuo is considered to be an ideal place to learn this extraordinary and widely popular language apart from carrying out the obvious activities like sight seeing, rafting, swimming, hiking or rock climbing as Yangshuo provides the perfect atmosphere for learning due to the fresh breeze floating around the city reliving the days stress.

If one is interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, there are a lot many schools imparting this treasure of knowledge but Yangshuo Omeida Chinese Academy is highly recommended. It was established in 2001 and has a group of qualified Chinese teachers, it also carry out a lot of foreign exchange programs in order to propagate cultural exchange. They offer intensive programs where classes are held in the morning and afternoon or just regular half-day classes. The classes are all small and not more than 5-8 students are allowed thereby permitting better scope for interaction.

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