Hiking is also one of the other popular outdoor activities taken up the foreign tourist while visiting Yangshuo apart from cycling on the countryside. It gives the tourist an opportunity to be a part of the lush green paddies, touch, and feel the nature closely. The karst peaks and Limestone Mountains amaze the hiker to the core.

One can head in almost any direction from Yangshuo and start with their hiking trip as Karst peaks surround the region until the point eye can see. However, one of the famous and the most commonly known route for hiking is from Yangdi to Xingping along the Li River. The route is about 20km between Yangdi and Xingping and this region is recognized as the most spectacular region of Yangshuo. The trip is about 6 hours long as the tourist has to cross three ferries by boat on the way. The peaceful and dramatic mountain scenes can be experienced from a different vantage point. While hiking, the life of the villagers can be closely felt as one can see framers working on the rice fields and women cooking food.

In addition, fruit bearing trees of apples, orange, Pomelo, and loquat and hills like fresco hill, camel hill and apple hill can be spotted while one is hiking. A short stroll at the Xingpig town can be taken if one is tired and wants to have a halt in the hiking trip.

Apart from the hiking route between Yangdi and Xingping another route is recommended along the Yulong River, as it is quite peaceful, the path moves from the local areas like villages, orchids, and rice paddies. A local guide can add to the memorable experience and consideration to the guide should be given if one really want to learn about the things that he/she see.

Recommended Hiking Tours:

  1. Dragon Bridge to Moon Hill
    Only countryside and a village along the way. No bus and not touristic. It’s around 2-3 hours hiking along the Yulong River including time to take pictures. The most beautiful scenery in Yangshuo.
  2. Yangti to Xingping
    It will take around 5-6 hours hiking along the Li River. Need to cross 3 times to change riverside. You can enjoy the most Karst mountains and villages along the way. You need to be very physical for the trip.
  3. Rice Terraces in Ping’an village
    It will take around 2 hours to visit the No1 and No2 views in Ping’An village. If you walk slowly , it’s not a difficult trip. It’s a nice option if you have a one day trip of the Rice Terraces.
  4. And if you are physical, you can also hikeĀ from Ping’an village to Zhuang minority village.
    It’s around 2 hours hiking. Less tourists and you can enjoy the traditional local life in the village. Overnight trip is better for this option.
  5. Rice Terraces in Dazai village
    It will take around 3 hours to visit the No1, No2 and No3 views in Dazai village. It’s more steps up hill (more than 1 hour) for this option. You might need a strong and healthy body for the trip.
  6. Ping’An village to Dazai village or Dazai village hiking to Ping’An village.
    To do this trip, you need to spend one night in the Rice Terraces. There are several places where you can spend the night in the Rice Terraces. It will take around 4-5 hours, through many small villages and over/along mountains.

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