Guilin Night Cruise

Guilin is one of the most explored places in China, built by song dynasty (960-1127). The water system in the country has been built since 1000 years ago and is known as ‘Two Rivers and Four Lakes’. The two rivers from two rivers and four lakes are Li River, Peach Blossom River, and four lakes are Ronghu Lake (Banyan Lake), Shanhu Lake (Fir Lake), Guihu Lake (Osmanthus Lake) and Mulong Lake (Wooden Dragon Lake). All of these circles the city and the waterway is 7.33 kilometers long. Covering an area of 385.9 thousand km² long each of them are well connected and linked with each other.

10,000 tourist from far of places visiting Guilin every year pays a visit to this water system by taking the Guilin Night cruise, which is also one of the most happening activities to do in the city. It can also be seen as a waterway transport in and around Guilin city and tourist also compare it with the waterways of Venice or the Amsterdam canal.

Although the cruise can be taken both at the night and the day time it is advisable that the tourist should opt for a night cruise as when the night falls, many lanterns and lights are lit and music fountains in the lakes start to entertain the public, making the area a lovely place to go. Guilin night life is made more entertaining due to the cruise ride and tops the list of things to do in Guilin.

Apart from the lit up Guilin city one can also witness the performances of the local people of Guilin opera, minority songs, and traditional music. Other than that the whole area has been made lively by planting variety of flowers and trees on both sides of the river and is also embellished by many unique stones, archaized bridges, pagoda, man-made fountains, ancient pavilion.

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