Great Light Show

The Beijing Olympics light show of 2008 still holds a place in the hearts of all its spectators, Yimou Zang directed this light show, and the same director has designed a unique light show in Yangshuo known as Shanje Liu (three sisters) Light Show. This show is the highlight of Yangshuo and has attracted tourist from all over the world. The show was premiered in 2004 and is one of the largest natural stages worldwide. The Amphitheatre is situated 2km away from the west street and is performed on the Li River and Karst mountains in the backdrop.

Toping the must do list of the tourist, this splendid light show focuses on the lives of the people living around the Lijiang river and projects their culture, music and dresses. Almost 600 actors perform in this show. The show ties an audience of 10,000 around the local performing actors like farmers, fishermen, housewives, and young children for 70 minutes.

Since the stage is open aired amphitheater and located on the Lijiang River that is why seasonal lighting like mist, cloudy weather, and moonlit nights gives way to natural lighting. Apart from that the amazing light effects, natural backdrop and 600 local actors and actress make the whole light show an experience in itself.

Liu Sanjie is a love story about a woman named Liu Sanjie, born in Liuzhou and ahs 2 sisters. The legend is that a warlord fell in love with Sanjie but she is already in love with a man from her village. The warlord out of jealousy kidnaps her but Liu’s lover and allies finds a way out and they both escape the trap of the warlord and lives happily ever after.

Tourist is highly recommended not to miss this spectacular show, which runs throughout the week except for the rainy days.

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