Cycling in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is famous in China for being a wonderful place to go for a bike ride, because it’s countryside provides a very good chance for the tourists to discover the real beauty of the region (river valleys, beautiful karst mountains, authentic countryside scenery…). Riding a bike around Yangshuo’s countryside is the most recommended activity for anyone.

About twenty years ago, when the early foreign travellers visited Yangshuo, they were attracted deeply by the rural area, and cycling was their favourite vehicle. Driving around freely through the relaxing natural environment is a unique experience. At present, Chinese travellers often say “No bike, No Yangshuo”.

Besides, the rural area’s roads and paths are not difficult to cycle on. Most paths are flat (the hills are much to steep to cycle on :-). Some of the roads are well-paved too, such as the road to the Yulong river, Moon hill, Big banyan tree, Dragon Bridge etc.

If you get lost somewhere, just ask the local people. They are also glad to help out and point the right way. The countryside is vast, though. There are many places to see, some of which are more beautiful or special than others. Hire a tour guide for a half-day or full-day trip. Contact me if you are interested.

One of the beautiful maps of the area, sold in Yangshuo, does a good job of showing you the cycling tours that are famous or easy:

  1. Yangshuo town — Yima village — Xiatang village — JiuXian village — XinZai village — Dragon bridge — Yulong village — DashiZai village — Xiatang village — Yangshuo town
  2. Yangshuo town — Yima village — Dashizhai village — Zhutoushan village — Longtan village — Moon hill — Yancun village — Aishan village — Yangshuo town
  3. Yangshuo town — Tianjiahe village — Aishan village — Yancun village — Moon hill — Fenglou village — Dengziyan village — Yangshuo town
  4. Yangshuo town — Mushan village — Dutou village — Liugong village — Xinzhai village — Muqiao village — Aishan village — Yangshuo town

Some of these only take a few hours, whilst others require almost an entire day. Choose wisely or ask me to accompany you and show you the way. Prices are very reasonable and since it’s the best activity in the region, it’s totally worth it.

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