Cormorant Fishing

Yangshuo has a lot of activities to keep the tourist busy throughout their journey, one of such activities which is contemporary yet traditional is cormorant fishing. This activity is one of the popular activities of Yanshuo’s nightlife. The way of fishing has existed in china since generations or more than 1000 years and is totally a unique way of fishing. Over the years, it has become a way to earn money and attract the tourist.

The activity is more popular at night time because cormorant bird acts more swiftly at night in comparison to the day time as it can dive under water, stay there for a long time and see at night too in the water. These birds are well trained and they have to search for fish while they are inside water. Once a fish has been spotted, the bird catches the fish with its sharp beak and comes back to the fishermen. In order to encourage and appreciate this act of the bird fishermen offers few fishes to them as well, in addition to keep the bird attracted to the boat, a lantern is hung on the boat. This performance usually last for 45 minutes only.

Once the bird is back on the shore it swallows the catch, sometimes even big crabs if not fish but the fishermen then takes the catch out of cormorants throat. It keeps the prey in its long yet narrow neck. As it is a bit cruel to the bird that is why the local people do not more practice this way of fishing in daily routine. Commonly known as cormorant fishing show, the best show can be seen during the fishing festival of Xingping, which takes place in the Li River in the evening time making the view full of light.

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