Cave Exploring

The process of erosion caused by slow retreat of inland seas led to the formation of many limestone karst towers and caves. These mysterious caves always had the eyes of the locals as they wanted to satisfy know what he caves hold. Gradually Cave exploration became a very popular and exciting activity of Yangshuo and is admired by the commoners and the tourists too. These caves have limestone formation of stalagmites and stalactites making the view splendid and extraordinary. Yangshuo has many caves in and around but not all the caves are accessible to the people. The town has the biggest caves in Guangxi province.

Some of the famous caves of Yangshuo are Silver cave, Dragon assemble cave, Water cave, Longmen cave so on and so forth but out of all the caves, the most famous one is water cave. The water cave is located at the dragon gate village of Gaotim, Yangshuo formed due to movement of the earth, it was first a river, but due to some geologic process, the river was converted in to a cave. There are two types of trips available: a short trip is for 1.5 hours whereas the longer trip is for 3 hours.

A tourist can find various activities inside this 2 km long cave itself like midway through the cave is a mud pond that is great to splash around and float on. Near the end of the cave, three freshwater streams are a refreshing way to enjoy a swim and rinse off all the mud. In order to get inside the cave one has to take a boat ride, as there is a water pool on the entrance. The cave might seem narrow in the beginning but it is the deepest cave of Yangshuo that is 30 meters deep.

It is advisable to carry a swimsuit, towel, and shoes in order to enjoy the visit to the caves to the fullest. (Not necessary for all caves.)

Recommended Cave Tours:

  • Silver Cave
    It will take an approximate 25 minutes drive from Yangshuo. Location is Lipu county. This is the biggest and the most beautiful cave in this area. You might need 1 hours hiking inside the cave. Hiking up and down some steps, but not a difficult walk. As it’s famous for the tourists, the better time to visit this cave is early in the morning or at noon time.
  • Water Cave
    It will take around 1-2 hours inside the cave. It depends whether you want to enjoy the Muddy baths and Hot-Springs or not. It’s also a nice cave to visit, not difficult to walk. Close to Moon Hill, convenient for your trip and relaxing as part of a tour or day trip. You can just walk to see the cave and skip the muddy bath and the Hot-Spring if you are not interested.
  • Reed Flute Cave
    It’s located in Guilin. The tour inside takes is a 50 minutes walk. Since Bill Clinton visit to this cave, it’s become famous in this area. It’s very easy to walk and the scenery is nice. It’s convenient if you have a day tour in Guilin city, then you can put this into your itinerary. However, The Silver Cave in Yangshuo is more beautiful then the Reed Flute cave.


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