6 Day Tour


Day 1

  • Pick up from the airport then transfer to your hotel in Yangshuo.

Day 2

  • Pickup from your hotel then drive to Yangti if you are there with a date ending with 3, 6 or 9 visit the local markets for see how the country people trade goods for money (By the way most goods are cheaper to purchase in the village markets than you will find in Yangshuo) take a hour boat cruise to 9 horses mountain then hike to Yangdi along the Li River.This stretch of river is regarded as the most scenic on the Li River and if you are hiking you can set your own pace stop to take photos when you see something of interest swim or splash during the river crossings. Night time watch the cormorant fishing display by the locals before dinner on West St.

Day 3

  • By scooter/mountain bike or hire a car to go to the Dragon Bridge along the Yulong river. This bridge is on of the oldest (500 years) and largest free standing stone arch bridges in China.. When it’s nice weather have a swim there and have lunch in a farmer restaurant.Take a Bamboo raft from Dragon Bridge to the 600 years old village. Have a 20 minutes hiking in the rice field and visit the village. Then go to moon hill , maybe visit the cave or visit the Big Banyan Tree park and then pass the countryside back to Yangshuo.

    That evening go to the San Lujie light and sound show which features a cast of more than 500 and is a bigger than big spectacular to say the least. Take a camera because the backdrop of Kaast hills under strong light makes for some wonderful and unique shots during the show.

    The person who directed this show, Zhang Yimou, also directed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. He is very famous in China.

Day 4

  • Take a mountainbike/scooter or hire a car to go to Liugong village along the famous Lijiang river. On the road to Liugong the countryside is very nice to see and you can see the farmers working in the fields.Liugong has some very old traditional houses of 600 years old. The nice thing about Liugong is that it’s not very touristy, so it’s quiet and peacefull.

    Have a farmer lunch here and then take a boat back to in the direction a of Yangshuo and stop along the way in Fuli town. Here you can see a workshop where they make paintings on fans. On some days there is also a farmers market in Fuli where there are many interesting things to see, like the dentist and the traditional chinese medicine!!

    After we go back to Yangshuo, if you like in the afternoon you can do a chinese cooking class, learn calligraphy, Tai chi lesson.

Day 5

  • Visit the famous rice terraces of Longji with it’s minority people of the Dong, Yao, Zhuang and Miao tribes. Take a bus (6 hours) or hire a private car (3,5 hours) to travel to Longsheng then onto the Dragons Backbone rice terraces.If you want to go there by bus it’s not possible to do it in one day, because it takes 6 hours to get there and you have to change busses 4 times. The advantage of the private car is that it’s much faster and you will be able to stop at any of the minority villages that interest you. You should do a comparison but I believe with 3 or 4 passengers a car will not be much more expensive than bus tickets and it will be a lot more convenient.

    The car or bus will take you to the gate to of Ping’an village. Ping’an village have only wooden houses and is only reachable by foot (20 min from the gate). Here there are some hotels and restaurants where you can sleep or have some food.

    Around Ping’an village there is a nice walking trail of about 2 hours along the rice terraces with some beautiful views. If you have more time it’s really nice to stay here one night, because it’s very peaceful and the scenery is amazing.

Day 6

  • Visit Sanjiang or Guilin. Sanjiang is a village of the Dong minority where the Wind & Rain bridge is located. Sanjiang is a 2 hour drive from Longsheng. Guilin is one the most famous tourist cities in China for Chinese people with 2 famous city parks.The 7 star park (where Bill Clinton made a speech in 1998) and the Elephant trunk park. There is also the Reed Flute Cave with a large number of stalactites and stalagmites with some interesting shapes. Nearby Guilin you have the Gudong Waterfall to visit.

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