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Restaurants & Bars

Yangshuo has some great bars and restaurants, listed below are some of the most popular.

All these bars and restaurants are very close to West Street, and many are on Gua Hua Lu, which is the street just over from West Stereet.




Ganga Indian Restaurant

Yangshuo’s newest Indian restaurant (there’s 2) and best. Wonderful Indian food, good sized portions and reasonably priced. Located just off Gua Hua Lu on happy food street.


Cloud 9

Excellent restaurant with a balcony that overlooks West Street.

Extensive Chinese menu and very popular. Located just off the top of West Street, close to McDonalds.



Situated on West Street in Yangshuo, this restaurant has worked hard to create an excellent dining experience.

Special care and attention is applied to the presentation of each of the dishes.


Seventh Heaven

An extensive menu that offers great Chinese, Exotic Chinese, Western and other food.

A spacious restaurant with outdoor dining. Located opposite McDonalds.


Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

This is Yangshuo’s most popular vegetarian restaurant. Located on the street just over from Gua Hua Lu.


Rock & Grill Restaurant

An expat favourite, especially with climbers. Wonderful outdoor seating area, close to the Li River.


Kellys Restaurant

Another local favourite, cheap and cheerful, good range of western and Chinese food. Check out the milkshakes! Nice atmosphere and staff.


Mimosa Restaurant

A few doors down from Kellys, Mimosa has a range of western and Chinese food. Good seating area upstairs. Located on Gua Hua Lu.


Minority Restaurant

On the same street as Kellys and Mimosa, Minority is probably the least expensive and the staff are very cheerful. Located on Gua Hua Lu.




The Alley Bar

The best selection of beers in Yangshuo and also great food.


Kaya Bar

The original Kaya bar has recently shut down, but a new one has openend, just off West Street.


Halla Bar

This is a cosy little bar, opposite Ganga Indian Restaurant.


Showbiz Rooftop Bar

Located just off West Street, fantastic views of Yangshuo.