Bamboo Boat Cruise

The Li River is what makes Guilin one of the most famous and attractive tourist destination and is considered to be a pure river with clear water due to its self cleansing ability. The uniqueness of the Li River is felt not only due to its crystal clear water where one can see the bottom of the river but from the grandiose natural surrounding that includes karst peaks, rice paddies, old villages on the shore and bamboo groves.

It is well known that the region between Yangdi to Xingping town is by far the most spectacular region in the river as the scenic beauty and the lavish greenery can be best experienced the best. Therefore, rather than taking a Li river cruise a tourist can also opt for Bamboo boat cruise. This activity is comparatively longer by 2-3 hours than the previous one but if one is looking for a side time for a two-some or wants to be aloof and experience the calm and tranquility of Li River, bamboo boat cruises is the best option.

One thing that a tourist should keep in mind is that the bamboo boat cruises are not allowed to take passengers back to the starting point. This makes it an awesome opportunity to have a peaceful walk along the river bank on the way back and also experience the typical lifestyle of the local and have look around the old houses built by Song dynasty. Another advice for the tourist is that these trips need to be arranged in advance and could change at any time. Cruise starts in the morning from the Bamboo Wharf just outside of Guilin around sunrise. This is also considered to be the most suitable time to cruise around the river as day to day activities starts to begin in the river afterwards thereby making it crowded.

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