Restaurants & Bars

Yangshuo has some great bars and restaurants, listed below are some of the most popular.

All these bars and restaurants are very close to West Street, and many are on Gua Hua Lu, which is the street just over from West Stereet.




Ganga Indian Restaurant

Yangshuo’s newest Indian restaurant (there’s 2) and best. Wonderful Indian food, good sized portions and reasonably priced. Located just off Gua Hua Lu on happy food street.


Cloud 9

Excellent restaurant with a balcony that overlooks West Street.

Extensive Chinese menu and very popular. Located just off the top of West Street, close to McDonalds.



Situated on West Street in Yangshuo, this restaurant has worked hard to create an excellent dining experience.

Special care and attention is applied to the presentation of each of the dishes.


Seventh Heaven

An extensive menu that offers great Chinese, Exotic Chinese, Western and other food.

A spacious restaurant with outdoor dining. Located opposite McDonalds.


Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

This is Yangshuo’s most popular vegetarian restaurant. Located on the street just over from Gua Hua Lu.


Rock & Grill Restaurant

An expat favourite, especially with climbers. Wonderful outdoor seating area, close to the Li River.


Kellys Restaurant

Another local favourite, cheap and cheerful, good range of western and Chinese food. Check out the milkshakes! Nice atmosphere and staff.


Mimosa Restaurant

A few doors down from Kellys, Mimosa has a range of western and Chinese food. Good seating area upstairs. Located on Gua Hua Lu.


Minority Restaurant

On the same street as Kellys and Mimosa, Minority is probably the least expensive and the staff are very cheerful. Located on Gua Hua Lu.




The Alley Bar

The best selection of beers in Yangshuo and also great food.


Kaya Bar

The original Kaya bar has recently shut down, but a new one has openend, just off West Street.


Halla Bar

This is a cosy little bar, opposite Ganga Indian Restaurant.


Showbiz Rooftop Bar

Located just off West Street, fantastic views of Yangshuo.



How To Get Here

Travel to Guilin by Air


Travelling from the North

Xi’an and Beijing offer regular flights to Guilin. They are perfect for those with limited time while in China but there are also plenty of interesting things to do.

Travelling from the East

Flights from the following places are all direct to Guilin:

  • Shanghai,
  • Nanjing,
  • Xiamen
  • Hangzhou
  • Wuhan

If you are travelling from Japan, it is best to opt as Wuhan as a stop.

Shanghai to Guilin takes about a day on the train so a flight will save a lot of time.

Travelling from the South

If you are travelling from the south, it is likely that you will not benefit from flights. There are many cheap and easy options, including the train or the bus, offering discounts for off-peak travel.

If you do want to travel by plane, there are direct options from:

  • Haikou
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou
  • Sanya
  • Zhuhai

Travelling from the West

China’s western cities offer some extremely interesting stops for tourists. Flights are a great option for some remote areas but overland travel is available and beneficial in some areas. Direct flights to Guilin are available from:

  • Guiyand
  • Chongqing
  • Kunming
  • Chengdu

Travelling Internationally

There are a number of international flight options available and no need to actually enter China’s mainland. If you want to travel to China first, the best options are Shanghai and Beijing. If you are interested in other countries, there are international flights from:

  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Bangkok
  • Kuala Lumpur

If you will be staying in Hong Kong, it is worth crossing into China and opting for flights from Shenzhen and Guangzhou. These airports will save you money as the flights are often up to a third cheaper!

For those travelling from Macau, consider going to Shenzhen to save money. While Zhuhai is closer, the airport is 150km out of the main town area.

Transfer Options

You have two options for transfers:

Private Transfer

Private transfers will take you straight from the airport to wherever you will be staying in Yangshou. It is affordable and convenient and is easy to arrange before you get to the airport.

Public Transport

Operated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the shuttle service will take you between the airport and the Guilin city centre for just 20 Yuan. However, it will take you to the offices of CAAC, which is not convenient for tourists.

There are also public buses available, which will take you to Yangshuo, but you need to get to the bus or train station.

We recommend avoiding taxi services between the airport and Yangshuo. While there is a meter service, many refuse to use it and often overcharge tourists. Where a taxi is the only option, opt to go to the city centre in Guilin instead.

Travelling to and from Guilin Train Station and Yangshuo

Private Transfer

Many taxi drivers refuse to accept fairs going from the train station to Yangshuo. It is often best to arrange a private transfer to pick you up and take you back to the train station.

Local Bus Routes

The buses will only depart from the main station – not the North or Bei stations. The buses will only leave when they are full and there are many touts who will attempt to get people onto the buses. Avoid touts as they will charge you extra for the journey; you should find that it is only around 14 Yuan per person, including your luggage.

Buses will take longer due to making stops along the way. You will usually be dropped off at the Yangshuo bus station.

There is an express service available, which will leave from the bus station. It will take you about 10 minutes to walk to the bus station from the train station. These buses are more convenient but you will need to buy your ticket from the main hall or the small kiosk in the waiting hall (on the right-hand wall).

Li River Cruise

There is also the option to take the Li River Cruise between Guilin and Yangshuo. The cruise leaves at 9:30 each morning from to docks to the south of Guilin. There is only one cruise so you need to make sure you are there on time or you will have an extra night’s stay.

Hong Kong-Guilin-Yangshuo

Flights are often a major convenience and flights leave from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). There are express trains to the airport – the first from Hong Kong Island, which costs about $100 and the second from Kowloon, which costs about $90. The trains run regularly between 6am and 0:45are

Buses are also an option with the A11 from the island at $40 and the S21 from Kowloon at $44. These run about every 20 minutes.

If you want a taxi, be prepared to pay more than $300.

Many of the hotels in the area will have arrangements with the local bus companies and some even stock their own vehicles for shuttle services. Check with the concierge at any hotel you will be staying in to find out the availabilities and costs.

There are a number of options once you reach Guilin Airport:

1) Pre-book transfers to the Li River Retreat
2) The CAAC bus to Guilin and a taxi to the station and then the express bus to Yangshuo from Bay 10.
3) A taxi the whole route – but these can be expensive due to not using the meter.

Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Guilin-Yangshuo

For $33HK, there is the MTR to Lo Wu and then you will need to follow the signs to the boarder.

Once you cross the boarder, there are a number of options available:

1. The express bus: After leaving immigrations, there is an escalator to the left. Go up and then cross over the overpass and you will see the bus station.

Buses run to Shenzhen to Guilin regularly and many will pass Yangshuo on the way, so you can arrive at your final destination earlier. Many of these buses are sleeper ones for extra comfort but those over 6ft tall will have to crouch slightly.

We highly recommend the buses for new tourists from Lo Wu station. The station is close to Hong Kong’s border crossing. There are only two buses – one at 7:30pm and one at 8:30pm – and you can buy your tickets from any China Travel Service (CTS) in the country. The journey will take about 10 hours and you should be in Yangshuo for about 5am.

Yinhu and Futian bus stations also have buses to Yangshuo

2. By train: After leaving immigrations, there is an escalator to the left. Go past the escalator and you will see the station is straight ahead. Go to the second ticket office, which will be on the left. The T38/39 will depart at 1751 and arrive at 0642.

3. Fly from Shenzhen

There is the option to fly from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport. You will need to take the MTR to Shenzhen and cross the border and then the bus K568, which will cost about 20 Yuan.

There is a bus that goes directly from Hong Kong and leaves from the Yuanfang Mall every 30 minutes between 7am and 7pm. This costs about $90 and takes about 90 minutes.

Hong Kong-Guangzhou-Guilin-Yangshuo

The “Through Train” goes from Hung Hom Station, Hong Kong, to Guangzhou Dong (East) Train Station. From 7:25am, there are 12 trains per day up until 7:24pm. For adults, the cost is $190 and for children, the cost is $95.

1. The express bus: Many buses leave from Guangzhou to Guilin and pass through Yangshuo, to cut your journey time down.

We recommend going to the bus station near Guangzhou’s main train station and taking the bus from there. This is not the East station that the Through Train will take you to. Take a taxi to the main station, which will cost about 50 Yuan.


The weather in Yanghsuo is quite changeable, but generally, the best time to go is in the Spring and Autumn.

At this time of the year, the temperature is nice and warm and there’s not much rain.

Summertime, the weather can get very hot and there’s more rain while the wintertime is cold and damp, though there still can be very pleasant days, and of course the town is a lot more relaxed.


yangshuo weather

Lilly Lu, Private tour guide in Yangshuo

Lilly Lu, Yanghsuo Tour Guide Expert

Dear visitors, my name is Lilly Lu.

I’m a government licensed personal tour guide in Yangshuo with over 15 years experience. I am part of the local Zhuang Minority, have lived here my whole life in addition to studying to obtain the official tour guide license. As such, I have an in depth knowledge of Yangshuo and the surrounding areas. I know the area, the people, the customs and importantly, I know what people like to visit or to avoid.

I can accompany you for one or multiple day tours for solo travelers, couples, families and group tours (private groups! only whom you choose is present). I’m used to handling all kinds of bookings for trips in Yangshuo, Guilin and Longji (Rice terrace) so feel free to contact me if you have specific needs and wishes.

My friends describe me as being practical and down-to-earth, and I always do everything I can to adapt to any of your needs. I am well connected and know all there is to know about my region.

Any more questions no doubt will find answer on my website. I’m at your service if you need more (easily contact me via the menu linked contact form page).

Bamboo Rafting

The Yulong River, one of the biggest tributaries of Li River and known as Mini Li River by the locals, is about five kilometers away from Yangshuo. Although most of the foreigners are unaware of this pure river but the beauty of the river cannot be overlooked as, the it is surrounded by green paddies fields, pretty bamboos, and quiet villages. A small mythical story is attached to the river, locals say that a dragon came to Yulong River many few years ago that’s why this river was named Yulong which in English means ‘meeting the dragon’.

If one will around, one will find many small weirs every 200 meters in the river built by farmers in the ancient times to store water during the winters season in order to evade the shortages but now these weirs are redundant although they have not been moved in order to preserve the heritage.

One of the most well known activities one can look out for is bamboo rafting in Yangshuo. The whole raft trip is around 12 kilometers long and takes 3-4 hours in rainy season. The bamboo raft starts from Golden Dragon Bridge and finishes at Gongnong Bridge. One can board the raft from some other place as well as there are many docks available but the journey ends at Gongnong Bridge. The bamboo raft came into being when the locals set up chairs on a bamboo raft and enough space made for a boatman to sit on the raft. The bamboo raft is pushed in to the river by the bamboo pole. One can also see the reflection of the raft and oneself in the clear water of Yulong River. It is a peaceful experience as one can lie down on the chair and smell the fragrance of rice, cool breeze and food cooked locally.

Bamboo Boat Cruise

The Li River is what makes Guilin one of the most famous and attractive tourist destination and is considered to be a pure river with clear water due to its self cleansing ability. The uniqueness of the Li River is felt not only due to its crystal clear water where one can see the bottom of the river but from the grandiose natural surrounding that includes karst peaks, rice paddies, old villages on the shore and bamboo groves.

It is well known that the region between Yangdi to Xingping town is by far the most spectacular region in the river as the scenic beauty and the lavish greenery can be best experienced the best. Therefore, rather than taking a Li river cruise a tourist can also opt for Bamboo boat cruise. This activity is comparatively longer by 2-3 hours than the previous one but if one is looking for a side time for a two-some or wants to be aloof and experience the calm and tranquility of Li River, bamboo boat cruises is the best option.

One thing that a tourist should keep in mind is that the bamboo boat cruises are not allowed to take passengers back to the starting point. This makes it an awesome opportunity to have a peaceful walk along the river bank on the way back and also experience the typical lifestyle of the local and have look around the old houses built by Song dynasty. Another advice for the tourist is that these trips need to be arranged in advance and could change at any time. Cruise starts in the morning from the Bamboo Wharf just outside of Guilin around sunrise. This is also considered to be the most suitable time to cruise around the river as day to day activities starts to begin in the river afterwards thereby making it crowded.

New Website, at Last!

Hi everyone, Lilly here, I finally got round to updating my website.

I hope the site gives you a better idea of what to expect from my tours. I did my best to provide pictures, details, descriptions of the schedules… But if you have any questions or would like personnalized service just send me a message via the website and I will answer you within 1-2 days.

Enjoy your visit of my site, and enjoy preparing your travels,




Away from the noise and pollution of the city life, there is a tranquil, quiet, and serene place in southeast of Guilin, and northeast to Guangxi province, China. Located in Yangshuo town and surrounded by Li River on one side and karst peaks and mountains on the other, this country has become the focal point of the tourists. Spread over 1,428 kilometers in china and a total population of only 3,00,000 people making it non-populous and free of traffic this country is called Yangshuo. Continue reading Yangshuo